How to Manage Your Reseller Hosting Business With WHMCS?

While starting a hosting reseller business, you need the right tools to help you manage your clients efficiently while focusing on growing your business. This is where the Web Host Manager Complete Solution or WHMCS comes handy. It is an online application that offers a range of benefits assisting you in managing your reseller business. It is one of the most popular applications in the hosting reseller industry. Today, we will talk about how you can effectively manage Reseller Hosting with WHMCS.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is an application that simplifies and automates all operational aspects of a Reseller Hosting business. It offers a centralized platform for easy management of your hosting clients.

How to manage Reseller Hosting with WHMCS?

Here are some features of WHMCS that help you manage your Reseller Hosting business efficiently:

  1. Time-efficient – One of the core features of WHMCS is its ability to automate processes. Automation saves you resources, money, and time.
  2. Security & Scalability – WHMCS has been designed to be highly secure. Also, as your business grows, it can accommodate your scalable needs.
  3. Makes Billing Simpler – It also has the ability to automate almost all processes associated with billing. Some such processes are generating and sending invoices, reminders, collecting taxes and payments from clients, etc. It makes receiving payments easier by integrating major payment gateways. All this with a simple interface makes it a great tool for the Reseller Hosting business.
  4. Customizable Interface – WHMCS has a modular and extensible ORM along with a well-documented API. Hence, you can customize the interface as per your needs.
  5. A wide range of support tools – This application has integrated tools like announcements, ticketing, a knowledge base, etc. for support. You can use the announcement tool to make important announcements to your clients. Further, the knowledge base is easily searchable and a guide that can answer the commonly-asked questions in hosting. Also, if your clients have a query/complaint, they can open a ticket online or via email through the ticketing system.
  6. Extensive Control Panel Integration – WHMCS integrates with most leading control panels (cPanel, etc.) and domain registrars.
  7. Additional Features

o   You can easily lock domains and unlock them too

o   Requesting for EPP codes is easy (EPP = Enhanced Parallel Port)

o   Viewing the WHOIS info is easy. You can also update this info

o   WHMCS allows you to register and manage private nameservers

o   Client management like registering clients, renewing existing plans, transferring, etc. is easy with WHMCS

o   If needed, you can automate the process of account suspension due to delinquency or overdue payments

Summing Up

Managing your Reseller Hosting business with WHMCS is a breeze. Its automation features and simple interface allow even the new hosting resellers to manage his business efficiently. WHMCS is not free. However, many hosting providers offer free WHMCS to their clients as a part of the hosting plan. Hence, before buying the reseller package, ensure that the host offers free WHMCS apart from all other features desired by you. Research the market and choose wisely. Good Luck!