4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using Personal Email Accounts For Your Business

Many times we find an email from a personal email account sent on behalf of the company. While it looks unprofessional, many people still use their personal email accounts for business purposes. People argue saying that if the person is the same, then the email account does not matter! While a Business Email service is a better option, many people feel that nobody pays attention to the email address. Today, we are going to share four reasons why avoiding using a personal email account for business is a good idea and the reasons to purchase hosting plans for emails from a reliable provider.

1. Security Risk

Trust is a brand asset you manage with clients, employees, and stakeholders. When you develop strong relationships with your customers, it leads to loyal clients, positive word of mouth, and increased sales. Hence the onus lies on you to safeguard customer’s trust.

Email communication from a personal account to clients poses a security risk. The files that get transferred are more likely to become susceptible to viruses and malware attacks. This is because most personal email accounts are made on free email service sites that offer basic security tools as opposed to a Professional Email Hosting account that uses the latest tools and applications to keep your emails safe.

Hence, it is important to consider business security before forwarding any sensitive information. Using a personal email account for your business will put your customer’s sensitive information at stake and hence must be avoided at all costs. Ensure that you create Business Email accounts with a reliable Email Hosting provider.

Check out this video to know 5 things you should look for in your Email Hosting provider –


2. Corporate Risk

A personal email account does not come under the purview of the IT department of the company. Hence, there is a risk of IP theft and compromising company correspondence to uncontrolled mining. Personal email providers like Google, Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo, have allowed regulatory authorities to scan and store emails. Hence, all personal email accounts can be monitored by these agencies at any time.

3. Legal Risk

When you use a personal email account created on a free email server to conduct business, it means that your company’s business information is stored on mail servers that are not in your control. You will not know where the data is being stored or transmitted. A personal email account is not covered under the company’s security policies.

4. Looks Unprofessional

Maintaining a professional image is vital for appearing credible online. If you reach out to a customer using a personal email account, your credibility could be questioned. The clients you deal with might not take your venture seriously. They will not trust the quality of the products and services that you offer.  To avoid losing out on a potential client, it is advisable to use a Business Email Hosting account.

Summing Up

As discussed above, irrespective if you are the owner of your company or not, when you are sending a professional email, it is better to use a Business Email address as opposed to your personal one. Research well and buy the perfect Email Hosting service for your organization. Thank You!