Avoid These 3 Common Web Design Mistakes In 2019

Designing a website is no simple task, it means more than just creating a site that has unique and eye catching designs, but actually to build a successful website it has to be designed to meet the needs of users. A successful website is one that has a smooth user experience and is easy to navigate such that users will not need to be told on how to go about moving around the site. That is why in a country like Singapore, there are many web design services Singapore specialists and the web design industry is booming because there is a need to create a successful website in order for one to compete online.

Now in this day and age, even animations are a norm and do not really impress a user. Therefore the question still lingers – how do we provide a good user experience for our website users? In this article, we will discuss the top common mistakes that a web designer makes and why you should avoid doing them.

Emphasizing on Innovative Design

Creating a unique website with tailored designs has always been a plus point, however there are still some users who emphasize greatly on innovating and forget to emphasize on ensuring that the basic fundamentals of a website is well covered. There has to be some form of familiarity for users to enjoy such that they would already know how to navigate through a website. Therefore, creating a website which complicated designs might not always benefit your brand in the long run.

Weak Navigation

Always think about how your users will normally navigate through a website. Make contacting you easy and looking for further information easy. Stick to the common names such as: ‘home’, ‘contact’, ‘about us’, ‘blog’, etc. Place emphasis on your key pages such as your home page and do not place key information in an unforbidden page or a page that would be difficult to find. Most users are already looking for a specific product, service or information and thus help them out and allow them to make purchase or to contact you easily. The key is to get them to the end of the funnel easily.

Complex Forms

Contact forms can be such a pain sometimes. Do you know why? This is because it takes extra effort for the user to fill in their details and enquire. Therefore, one should make their enquiry form as simple and easy to fill up as possible. Stick to the principal of simplicity and avoid over the top complex forms. Having a fanciful form will not impress your user and it certainly will not help to enquire faster.

All in all, avoid these 3 common web design mistakes and you’ll be on the next step to improving your whole website user’s experience.