5 Tips to Choose an SSL Certificate for Your Website

In today’s times, site security is an important aspect since there has been a constant rise in the number of cyber-attacks. When you purchase a web hosting plan, the host ensures the security of the server by using server-level security tools and applications. Also, as a site owner, you use applications to keep your website secure. However, most site owners tend to ignore another area where data can be lost to hackers or online criminals – when it is exchanged between the user’s device and the webserver. This can be protected by encrypting the connection that the webserver makes with every user. This is offered by an SSL Certificate. Today, we will offer five tips to help you choose the right SSL certificate for your site.

A Secure Sockets Layer or SSL Certificate is a small data file that helps in encrypting all communications between the web server and all users and a range of other benefits. There are different types of SSL certificates designed for different requirements of site owners. While a Comodo certificate is preferred by many site owners, the number of options makes choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to choose the right SSL certificate:

1: Choose the right validation level

SSL certificates are of three categories:

  1. Domain Validation or DV – This is the most basic type of SSL certificate and confirms the domain ownership only.
  2. Organization Validation or OV – These certificates display information about the domain as well as the business. However, these details are available in the ‘details’ section of the certificate.
  3. Extended Validation or EV – The certificate offers the top-most level of authentication and has easy to recognize signs like a green address bar and green padlock.

2: Determine the number of domains that you want to secure

SSL certificates are issued based on the number of domains that you want to secure. If you have a single domain, then a single certificate will suffice. If you have multiple sub-domains under a single domain, then you can buy a Wildcard SSL certificate. Lastly, if you have multiple domains with multiple sub-domains, then you can opt for a Multi-Domain SSL certificate.

3: Reviews of the Certificate Authority (CA)

There are numerous Certificate Authorities (CAs) offering SSL certificates. To choose the right one, look at the reviews and reputation of the CA. Since an SSL certificate prevents hackers from accessing your site data while in transit, it needs to stay ahead of the hackers at all times. Hence, ensure that you research well and consider all aspects before making the decision.

4: Price of the SSL certificate

SSL certificates have a nominal fee based on the type of SSL, period of validation, etc. Hence, ensure that you consider all these factors and compare prices before you buy an SSL certificate.

5: Customer Support

While once an SSL certificate is installed, it works autonomously, if you face any troubles, having a support team to guide you is always good. Look for an SSL provider that offers a 24×7 support team to help you manage such issues with ease.

Summing Up

Since most site owners are not aware of SSL security, when they decide to purchase an SSL certificate, they can get confused. The tips mentioned above can help you find the right SSL certificate and boost your site’s security.

The following video gives 3 tips to choose the right SSL for your website: