MilesWeb Review – High-Quality Reseller Hosting Services


The internet receives numerous searches for profitable business options. A lot of people are considering side hustle and digital businesses recently. So, if we do a thorough observation, reseller hosting seems to be one of the profitable businesses.

Whether you need more understanding or getting started with reseller hosting, this article will help you learn insights into the concept.

Reseller hosting is a popular business. It includes many niches, one of them is web hosting services. As it is profitable and a continuous income source, reselling business has gained the trust of millions of users.

There are thousands and millions of hosting companies that offer reseller hosting services. But it is essential to do a little research from your side. In my opinion, today MilesWeb is one of the best web hosting in Dubai and all around the globe.

They are inexpensive, quality and everlasting. With MilesWeb’s services, you can build up an authentic reseller hosting company of your own.

What is Reseller Hosting?

With the growing market, the reseller hosting business is resulting in great output. It focuses on the company’s services and products. When you resell these products and services to other people, it is called a reseller business.

In reseller hosting, you resell the hosting company’s resources. They provide you with a reseller account that you can use to manage different activities and host domains.

There is a continuous flow of income here. Every time a user buys and renews, you make a profit. Plus, it is not a commission-based business. Here you can create your custom packages and prices. So, whatever service they purchase, they pay as per your prices.

However, it is essential to look for an authentic web hosting provider. Their services need to be quality and reliable. If they are not as expected, it will affect your business in many areas. These areas include loss of customers, trust issues, security risks, etc.

MilesWeb is a genuine and secured web hosting company. They will offer you quality hosting services and will help in establishing a successful reseller hosting business.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Services

MilesWeb offers certain plans under Linux reseller hosting services. They all consist of expandable resources. However, if you are just getting started, you can go for the entry-level pack. Otherwise, you can choose the plan that meets your requirements.

The plans range from $6.16/m to $28.16/m after 12% discount. The discount applies to customers who purchase a reseller hosting plan for at least three years, which is a good deal.

How to Get Started with Reseller Hosting?

It is simple. Just follow the steps mentioned below –

Choose the Plan

Take some time out to analyze your requirements. Accordingly, see which plan will benefit you the most.

MilesWeb also offers different reseller hosting services like cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Windows reseller hosting services. Each of them has a few plans under them. You can do a thorough analysis and go for one.

Plans and Pricing

As you can create custom plans and prices, give it a good time. Do a little research on how other resellers have set their packages. If you observe and notice the market, you will be able to decide better.

Prices are crucial in such services. It shouldn’t be too expensive or cheap. Otherwise, you will face its consequences and will be at a loss.

Analyze your Customers

Understand who is going to be your customer. In accordance with that, you will have to target and plan strategies that will help

If you are a designer or developer, reseller hosting will offer the utmost benefit. You must be having packages, so you can just add hosting services as an add on product. As your current customers trust you for your expertise, they will not think much before opting for web hosting services. That way, you can earn from both your expert services and reselling.


Use different marketing techniques to reach potential clients. You can use varied mediums for the same. Like, content marketing, email marketing, social media, etc.

Advantages of MilesWeb Reseller Hosting?

Trusted SSL Certificate

MilesWeb provides one free SSL with all reseller hosting plans. That can help you in securing essential information like visitors’ personal data.

100% White Label

You can promote the services under your name. This will provide you with an opportunity to increase your brand identity. As people will notice your brand, the authenticity and possibility of buying will increase.

Easy Migration

MilesWeb allows easy migration. You can migrate from another host to MilesWeb easily. They also have a team that can help you with the same.

24/7 Support

MilesWeb’s expert team provides 24/7 support to all users. You can contact them anytime via live chat and email tickets, and they will immediately assist you.


Reseller hosting is a true and advantageous business. It is one of the profitable income sources. Plus, with MilesWeb, you will earn numerous benefits. They are affordable and provide many features.