MilesWeb Windows VPS Review: Modern Hosting Solutions

Wondering if you could find a better and private place to stay and get away from your neighbors? But ensuring it doesn’t extend your budget?

Well, in that case, VPS is the perfect solution!

You know that sharing space and resources is not feasible after a while. Websites start growing with time, and the traffic gets better. If the current hosting is not capable of managing heavy visitors, then the website requires better hosting.

Better hosting means VPS. Like shared hosting is for beginners, VPS hosting is for users whose websites have grown to receive heavy traffic and sales. That is why I say it is better hosting, as it improves the efficiency of the website.

Yes, VPS hosting helps improve the performance, efficiency, privacy and speed of the website. It betters the site in areas like high security, and the possibility of any server downtime decreases.

Among billions of hosting companies in the market, MilesWeb is affordable. They have been in the hosting business for only nine years, yet have achieved very well results. Their services are not only inexpensive but are also quality over quantity.

If you are firm with switching, MilesWeb can be the perfect host. The company will help you expand your business website and encourage better sale rates.

VPS has two options at MilesWeb. They provide both Windows and Linux VPS services. In this article, we are reviewing windows VPS hosting.

What do You Mean by VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting refers to hosting services where you own the virtual private server. The host you opt for deploys and creates many virtual servers that get distributed among users. That means each user get their virtual server.

In VPS, there is no sharing of resources and space. All resources are 100% yours, and you have the authority to utilize them as you want. VPS gives you entire control, so the usage of resources is not an issue.

It lets you do whatever you want. VPS is not like shared hosting, where there are limitations and stuff. With VPS hosting, the output can get better. After all, business expansion is the ultimate aim of any company. If VPS is helping you grow your website and eventually sales, then why not opt for it?

MilesWeb’s Windows VPS Hosting Services

MilesWeb has been serving its clients for 9years. One of their most sold products is VPS hosting. As I mentioned earlier, they provide two options for VPS – Windows and Linux. Because I had purchased Windows VPS hosting, I am reviewing this.

MilesWeb’s hosting plans are quite affordable. They are not as expensive as other hosting companies. That is another reason why customers choose MilesWeb.

Under their cheap windows VPS hosting, they offer six plans. Each plan consists of all resources, which are expandable as per the need.

Here is the basic overview of resources you get –

  • Up to 12vCPU
  • Up to 24 GB RAM
  • Up to 300 GB SSD Disk
  • Up to 2000 GB Bandwidth
  • Up to FreeSSL Certificate
  • Up to Dedicated IP

If your website has lesser requirements, you can start with the lowest plan called W1. It costs only $18/m after the 25% off. With W1, you will receive 2vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD Disk, 500 GB bandwidth, free SSL certificate and a dedicated IP.

Similarly, if you need more RAM, CPU or SSD space, you can choose your windows VPS plans. Plus, you can enjoy a 25% discount on any pack selected.

However, the discount is valid to users who purchase VPS plans for at least one-three years.

MilesWeb also offers unmanaged windows VPS hosting. The plans range from $13.5/m to $130.5/m after the 25% discount. If you have good technical skills and can manage the server well, you can save money on managed hosting.

But in case you cannot look after your server for whatsoever reason, MilesWeb’s managed windows VPS hosting will benefit you. They provide 24/7 expert human support and consider your every query.

An Overview of Benefits You Can Enjoy

Host Unlimited Websites

Here you get an opportunity to host as many websites as you want. If you have multiple websites, you can move them all on your Windows VPS server. Plus, if you wish to resell your resources, you can do that as well.

Unlimited Email Accounts

You can create multiple email accounts and utilize them for business-related emails. They can help you in sending and receiving essential updates.

Full Control

MilesWeb allows its users full control over their virtual private server. So, you can manage, monitor, configure your server anytime you want.

High Security

Because you don’t share space and resources in VPS, there is high security. The chances of any fraudulent activity decrease. It helps in increasing the authenticity of your business website.

Wrap Up

VPS hosting is a good deal to enhance the performance of the website. It has the capability to take the traffic thrown to it. With MilesWeb, it will get even easier, as they are affordable. You will not have to invest a lot and will maintain the budget also